OnePlus’ Fast Charging Technology Will No More Be Called as Dash Charge

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One of the key features of OnePlus smartphones has been its Dash Charging technology. The Chinese company is, however, moving away from the name reportedly due to trademark issues. The term wasn’t used during the recent OnePlus 6 launch event in London. The Chinese phone maker did not mention its proprietary fast charging technology by its name, and instead, the company simply referred it 'Fast Charging.' Also, OnePlus’ online stores are no longer using “Dash Charge” name for its charging cables and charger. Instead, Dash Charge cables are now called “Fast Charge” cables on the European and North American websites.


There is a reason behind why the company is dropping the “Dash Charge” branding for its fast charging technology. The company apparently had filed a trademark for the name Dash Charge in the US and the European Union back in 2016, when it first unveiled the feature with OnePlus 3. The EU’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) rejected the application in April this year, it has emerged.

However, on the Indian website, OnePlus still calls the technology as Dash Charge. The company also called it Dash Charge during the Indian launch of OnePlus 6. It is possible the that the trademark issue is limited to the US and European market.

Two companies, Amazon and a wireless audio company, Bragi contested the trademark in the EU region. Amazon has a Dash Replenishment service that allows connected devices to order goods from Amazon when supplies are running low. Bragi sells the Dash line of Bluetooth powered earbuds. The EUIPO concluded the Dash Charge is similar to Amazon and Bragi’s trademarks and cited a “likelihood of confusion” for rejecting OnePlus’ trademark.

OnePlus can still legally use the Dash Charge name, but it can't be the sole user as the patent has been rejected. The company though seems to have decided to just altogether switch to the generic “Fast Charging” name until it finds a unique brand that can be protected.

Then again “Dash Charge” is actually licensed by its parent company, Oppo. The larger brand calls the fast charging as VOOC charging, so it is possible OnePlus may adopt this name in the future.

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