OnePlus 8T Concept Phone With Colour Changing and Motion Tracking Abilities Unveiled

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Chinese smartphone brand, OnePlus, today unveiled a new concept for OnePlus 8T. Earlier this year at the CES 2020, the Chinese company showcased the OnePlus Concept One- a concept phone that uses electrochromic glass technology which gave the phone invisible cameras on the rear. With the OnePlus 8T concept phone, the company says it is "pushing the boundaries of human interaction with mobile technology yet again." This official OnePlus 8T concept uses new technologies such as Electronic Color, Material and Finish (ECMF), Reactive Sensing Technology (ECMP + mmWave) and touchless notifications. This is a one-of-its-kind concept phone and the first one to use 5G's mmWave technology.

Official OnePlus 8T Concept Detailed

OnePlus says the new OnePlus 8T Concept combines design inspiration from nature and a burdenless approach to interact with devices. OnePlus says the phone is designed to deliver a 'better user experience.' It used a combination of natural design inspiration and advanced technologies to create a more natural interaction between users and the device.

Firstly, the OnePlus 8T Concept designers took inspiration for the colours on the back from the multi-hued flowing water in the hot springs from Pamukkale, Turkey. It features Electronic Color, Material and Finish (ECMF) which allows the physical design of the device to work dynamically with the user and software features. The OnePlus 8T Concept uses a colour-changing film that contains metal oxide in the glass. OnePlus says the valence state of the metal ions varies under different voltages, so when the metal oxide activates, the colour of the glass changes from a dark blue to a light silver.

Here comes the interesting part. The ECMF design becomes more interactive by working in combination with mmWave to change the way we interact with the technology. OnePlus is calling the combination of ECMP and mmWare as 'Reactive Sensing Technology.' "The working principle behind this technology, borrowed from 5G, is that the mmWave radar module transmits and receives electromagnetic waves. When receiving electromagnetic waves, the digital signal processing (DSP) and CPU perform signal and information processing, allowing the device to perceive, image, locate, and track objects," said OnePlus on its forums.

So, that's the OnePlus 8T Concept. However, you might be wondering how this concept can be useful for potential users? Well, OnePlus says the combining of shifting colours on the electrochromic back of the OnePlus 8T Concept with mmWare sensing technology is just the first step in opening up a wide range of possibilities for how people interact with their smartphones. OnePlus believes that there will be many more use cases for Reactive Sensing tech in the near future.

Furthermore, the ECMF could flash colours for an incoming call and users could accept or reject the call with a simple gesture. This paves the way for more gesture usage without the requirement for touching the phone. Lastly, the mmWave technology is capable of registering a user’s breathing, enabling the colour to change in sync and effectively making the phone a biofeedback device. The OnePlus 8T Concept, in effect, breathes with you, said the Chinese company.

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