OnePlus 8 Pro Display Issues and Other Problems: Users Report

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OnePlus 8 Pro is already out now with the early pre-orders. The regular selling of the smartphone is going to be open from April 29. The users who have been able to get their hands on the OnePlus 8 Pro out of the early pre-orders, they have reported that there are several issues they are facing with the flagship device. People have complained about a range of issues such as clipped/crushed backs, low brightness problems, image retention, and ‘green-tint’ issues. The good thing is that OnePlus has made people aware that they know about the issues and will be rolling out updates soon to fix the software issues.

Image Retention Issues

Many OnePlus 8 Pro users have been complaining that they are facing image retention issues with their device. Though these are not that annoying as you would think because it is only for short-term, still, it is an issue that needs to be resolved ASAP by OnePlus as it ruins the whole experience of the smartphone. Some users have reported that they were noticing strange dark-horizontal lines appearing near the hole-punch camera.

Issues Can Be Resolved By Changing Display Settings

Issues such as uniformity of low-brightness is an issue with almost every OLED-equipped devices. This is the result of the display panel used in these smartphones - ‘Lottery’. Even iPhone 11 has low-brightness uniformity problems. Some of the users said that they were able to curb the issues by simply changing the display settings of their device. They brought it a notch down, and the problems cropped us lesser. This is a temporary fix, though, not even a fix in reality. Thankfully OnePlus is working at it and plans to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The ‘green-tint’ issues will also be fixed in the next OTA which should be rolled out by OnePlus in May. At the same time, there is no word on the fact that other display problems such as lines around the hole-punch circle will be fixed or not in the next update.

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