Work from Home Broadband Plans: One GigaFiber Starts Offering Unlimited Data With Double Speeds

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The outbreak of Coronavirus is increasing trouble for various organisations. Many big companies have announced work from home to combat the virus which is currently spreading at a rapid pace in India. To ensure a smooth flow of communication and work in the sector, ONEOTT iNTERTAINMENT, the fastest-growing internet service provider in India is offering double speed unlimited internet data to users for an additional price of just Rs 50 excluding taxes. The new pack stay-home-stay-safe will encourage social distancing, which is the prime need of the nation. Also, the new pack will encourage work from home culture.

One GigaFiber Users Have to Additionally Pay Rs 50 for Double Speed

One Broadband has a variety of broadband plans which cater to the different needs to its users. Yugal Kishore Sharma, who is the CEO of OIL, stated that existing customers would get Double Speeds along with Unlimited GBs in their existing plans by paying an extra fee of Rs 50 excluding taxes.

However, the double speed offer will be valid for 30 days and can be renewed for as long as the recommendations of social distancing are prevailed by the Indian government. The flagship offering by OIL which was offering 100 Mbps of unlimited data will now provide 200 Mbps of unlimited high-speed internet data if the users opt for the stay-home-stay-safe pack. Also, for the power users, One broadband’s 1 Gbps plan offers the industry best FUP speed of 25 Mbps.

OIL Supporting Social Distancing Move Initiated by the Government

Yugal Kishore Sharma CEO of OIL also stated that the company is the fastest-growing internet service provider in India, which is contributing to the social distancing initiative regulated by the government of India to combat Covid-19.

In need of the hour, the company is offering double speed unlimited data to users which would facilitate work from home and make sure that their customers get the best learning and working experience from home. Not only this, but the company will also keep the offer active until any further statements are made by the government of India regarding the social distancing and work from home.

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