One Airtel 1499 Plan Provides 300GB Broadband Data at 200 Mbps Speed

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One Airtel 1499 Plan

One of the biggest pains that the head of the family has to go through is paying the mobile bills for everyone in the home. To solve this problem, Bharti Airtel has introduced One Airtel plans. If you are familiar with the Vodafone REDX plans, then think of One Airtel plans as an upgrade over it. It not only groups the mobile connection bills under a single bill but also the broadband and landline bill. There are a total of four plans which are offered under the One Airtel plans — Rs 899, Rs 1,349, Rs 1,499, and Rs 1,999. Different plans come with different benefits. Let’s take a look at the Rs 1,499 One Airtel plan from the telco.

One Airtel Rs 1,499 Plan

It is not priced too far away from the Rs 1,349 plan. It is just Rs 150 more but comes with different benefits. The Rs 1,349 plan comes with 4 postpaid connections and a DTH connection. Compared to that, there are only 2 postpaid connections with the Rs 1,499 plan but there is a broadband fiber and a landline connection included.

The two postpaid connections will get a total of 75GB of data along with unlimited calling to any network in India. Coming to the broadband connection, this plan comes with 300GB data at 200 Mbps. So it will combine your broadband and postpaid connection bill and bring them under a single bill.

But if you are looking for a One Airtel plan which will provide you not only with postpaid connections and broadband connection but also a DTH connection, then you can opt for the Rs 1,999 plan. The Rs 1,999 plan comes with a total of 3 postpaid connections with 75GB total data and unlimited calling to any network within India. Then there is a DTH connection included which will provide you with an Xstream Box and Rs 424 worth of TV channels. As for the broadband part, there is a fiber connection included with 300GB monthly data at 200 Mbps speed. Along with the fiber connection, there is a landline connection for free as well.

With the Rs 1,349 plan, the customer gets 4 postpaid connections with users getting 150GB data and unlimited calling. With the DTH connection, the customer is provided with an Xstream Box with Rs 350 worth of TV channels. The cheapest One Airtel plan comes for Rs 899 and it provides 2 postpaid connections with a total of 75GB data benefit and unlimited calling. The DTH connection comprises of an Xstream Box and Rs 350 worth of TV channels.

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