O2 Slovakia and Slovak Telekom Forge Network Sharing Deal

This strategic partnership will drive network expansion and reduce electricity consumption, benefiting both users and the environment.


  • Historic network-sharing agreement between O2 and Slovak Telekom.
  • Enhanced signal quality and broader coverage for customers.
  • Focus on expanding the 5G network infrastructure.

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O2 Slovakia and Slovak Telekom Forge Network Sharing Deal

O2 and Slovak Telekom have signed a network-sharing agreement in Slovakia, a first of its kind. This collaboration will bring many benefits to customers, including faster deployment of network innovations and enhanced signal quality. The strategic partnership is expected to lead to a rapid expansion of networks and significant cost savings in electricity consumption, positively impacting the environment.

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O2 and Slovak Telekom Network Collaboration

In a joint statement, the operators said, "Customers can look forward to quicker deployment of technologies, improved signal quality, and reduced costs, among other advantages, resulting from this network-sharing initiative. One of the key advantages is the increase in the joint number of base stations, boosting network capacity and coverage."

Advancing 5G Infrastructure

As per the official statement, this partnership will have a positive impact on the development of the latest 5G network infrastructure in Slovakia. The funds saved through this collaboration will be channelled primarily into expanding the 5G network and enhancing the optical connection of base stations. This partnership will also contribute to environmental improvement by reducing electricity consumption.

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O2 Slovakia aims to accelerate the development of mobile networks and bring new technologies to areas that would have taken longer in the past.

O2 Slovakia emphasized that this collaboration would not compromise their competitive spirit, and they will continue competing for customers' favour through their unique portfolio of products, services, and customer care.

Environment-Friendly Initiatives

Slovak Telekom stated that with the massive modernization wave and the deployment of 5G networks, it is the right time to share networks. The benefits of this partnership will be evident in the context of energy efficiency, environmental impact, and sustainability for the entire sector.

The two telcos say that the network-sharing process will be implemented gradually, beginning with individual locations, and they expect to complete it within two to three years, considering the project's complexity.

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The capital cities, Bratislava and Kosice, will remain unaffected, with operators independently managing their networks in these areas. The rest of Slovakia will be divided into two regions, each with approximately the same number of base stations, and the operators will operate in accordance with the agreement.

Overall, this network-sharing agreement between O2 and Slovak Telekom marks a significant milestone for the country.

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