Nothing Can Bring Global Tech Revolution

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Nothing, a new consumer electronics brand yesterday announced its first ever product in India and globally called the ‘ear (1)’. The ear (1) is priced at Rs 5,999 and at this price range has everything and more that a super premium truly wireless stereo (TWS) earphone has. Nothing is an exciting brand and its first product is a testament to the company’s vision and power. If things go accordingly, Nothing can bring a major tech revolution in the market.

Nothing Plans on Bringing Other Category of Products

Talking with Lew Later, Carl Pei, Founder of Nothing said that Nothing won’t be an audio only brand. The company has plans of venturing into other category of products as well but the audio segment seemed like a good spot to start.

The ear (1) truly look different from any other TWS earphone out in the market. If Nothing has plans of launching smartphones, laptops, or other products, there’s a big chance that it will be able to bring products that truly stand out in the market.

The innovation that Nothing is pushing for will motivate other consumer tech brands to bring something new in the market. Today, most of the white TWS earphones look the same in design and perform the marginally different only.

Carl Pei said that he didn’t want the tech to feel ‘cold’ to the consumers. Pei’s mission is to make tech more exciting, user friendly, and great in the eyes of the consumers. It is a great mission statement and something worth pursuing. Nothing’s first product which is ear (1) is yet to hit the markets. The first sale of the ear (1) will start in India from August 17, exclusively via Flipkart for now.

The product is expected to garner a lot of interest from consumers, but at the same time, a lot of people will be worried about just how good they are and would be worried about investing their money into a product from a very new brand.

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