Nokia Teams Up With Movistar to Deploy 5G Network in Chile

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Movistar, one of the telecom operators from Chile, would use equipment provided by Nokia to launch its 5G Networks after the latter grabbed a deal by the Chilean operator. Nokia would reportedly provide equipment from its Airscale portfolio to launch 5G networks in the country. Movistar will also strengthen its critical network infrastructure across markets in Chile by upgrading its 4G and 4G+ networks using Nokia’s technology solutions. Movistar recently won access to spectrum by bidding in Chile’s 5G auction in the 3.5 GHz band. The upgraded network will be leveraging on Nokia’s Airscale Radio Access to supply vast connectivity with extremely low latency and increased capacity. This will benefit both the consumers and small or medium businesses by building a path to 5G for them in Chile.

About the Upgrade and Its Uses

In theory, these network upgrades from 4G/LTE to 5G/NR using Nokia’s AirScale portfolio would be done via software upgrades. Think of it like updating the android version of your mobile phone. This upgrade will enable a smooth transition for Movistar towards the world of 5G Networks. We know that 5G will open doors to AR, VR and other businesses where low latency, high-speed internet is of prime importance.

For Movistar specifically, this upgrade will enable its customers to access and reap the benefits of 5G networks. The upgraded 5G network will also play an essential role in supporting Industry 4.0. Other use cases would include developments in the public sector, health care and adoption of wireless networks in private environments. Movistar Chile’s existing fibre optics will support this revolutionized high-speed technology which will allow the interconnection of a number of mobile antennas across the cities.

Chile is on its path to launch a commercial 5G network. The first step towards this path was Chile conducting a 5G auction which was the first for Latin America. In that auction won by Movistar, the telecom operator acquired 50 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band. The mobile broadband services in Chile will see a significant enhancement thanks to this spectrum win.

5G will bring enormous potential to the country: Head of Technology, Movistar Chile

Head of Technology at Movistar Chile, Mr Antonio Bueno, has pointed out that this upgrade to 5G networks will bring enormous potential to the country. He further added that this upgrade would not only benefit the people of Chile but various businesses and verticals of sectors.

Latin America has a diverse mix of emerging markets: Nokia

Nokia also commented on the win, where the Head of Latin America at Nokia, Mr Osvaldo Di Campli, noted that the country has a diversified mix of emerging markets and established economies along with consumer potential. However, Latin America is yet to enjoy and experience all the benefits that 5G offers.

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