Nokia Deploys Lightspan MF-14 in NBN of Australia

Nokia deploys next-generation fibre technology in Australian National Broadband Network (NBN). The deployment is the first for the Lightspan MF-14 in the Southern Hemisphere. More than 8.5 million households and businesses are connected to services over the nbn network in Australia.


  • NBN Company becomes the first operator to adopt the MF-14 platform in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Nokia's Altiplano Access Controller brings a software-defined networking platform, which enables network automation and smart insights to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Nokia's Lightspan MF- 14 is the world's first 6th-generation broadband platform.

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Nokia Deploys Lightspan MF-14 in NBN of Australia

Nokia and Australia's NBN announced the deployment of Nokia's next-generation broadband platform and its Altiplano Access Controller to deliver a more intelligent, faster, and greener NBN network. The deployment is the first for the Lightspan MF-14 in the Southern Hemisphere. Deployment will commence in 2023.

Australia's NBN

NBN Network (National Broadband Network) is an open data network. Australia is transitioning to a digital future by replacing copper wires and cable broadband with optical fiber and other technologies to deliver citizens more reliable, high-capacity internet and voice services.

Nokia Lightspan

Nokia calls Lightspan "the world's first 6th generation broadband platform with high capacity, which can support 25G, 50G, and 100G PON services. They also have space efficiency, low latency, reliability, and power efficiency, and the MF 14 will help the company realize its Toward Zero Carbon Ambition.

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Ricky Corker, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Nokia, said: "Nokia and nbn have been partners for more than 10 years and we're excited to continue to support nbn in this next technological evolution, deploying more advanced and energy-efficient networking technology. Using Nokia's advanced fiber technology coupled with our network optimization and automation capabilities, Nokia and nbn can meet customer demand for a faster, smarter, greener broadband network today and well into the future."

"By leading the deployment of this next-generation technology, we can help meet our nation's data demands now and into the future," said NBN CEO Stephen Rue.

"Together with our network investment that is pushing fiber deeper into communities and extending fixed wireless and satellite coverage and capabilities, we are helping unlock social and economic benefits for households, businesses, and communities across Australia," he added.

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The announcement comes just as a report issues a strong warning about NBN's mounting losses, with little hope of things getting better in the future. One of the main causes of this situation is the decision to use primarily copper rather than full fiber in the network. The other is prioritizing the network rollout to specific regions in Australia.

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