Netflix Testing Mobile+ Offering Worth Rs 299 in India

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Netflix is testing a new mobile plan for users in India. It is called the ‘Mobile+’ plan, and it will come at a cost of Rs 299 per month. This offering will provide users with all the Netflix content in HD quality. For the unaware, the basic Netflix Mobile plan in India comes for Rs 199 per month but offers content in SD quality only. Thus, for users who want a cheap Netflix subscription but with HD quality content, they will be able to opt for the ‘Mobile+’ plan of the streaming giant that is currently under testing.

Netflix Mobile+ Plan Details

The Netflix Mobile+ plan will also come with the restriction of ‘one screen’ at a time like the standard mobile plan. It is worth noting that the standard Netflix plan costs Rs 649 per month and offers HD content allowing 2 screens viewing at the same time.

One major difference apart from the video quality between the Mobile and Mobile+ plan of Netflix is the devices the content can be played in. For Netflix standard Mobile Plan that costs Rs 199 per month, the content can either be played on a smartphone or a tablet.

However, with the Mobile+ plan, users would be able to stream content on computers/laptops as well. Thus, users will be able to get the HD content on bigger screens and that too for a nominal cost of Rs 299 per month.

4K+HDR content quality is only available for users purchasing the premium plan of Netflix that costs Rs 799 per month. A thing worth noting here is that this is just a ‘testing’ period of the plan for Netflix. If the plan sees a great response, the streaming giant will roll it out for the long-term. However, if the response is not so great, the plan will be scrapped.

Netflix has been expanding its user base in India rapidly by adding more local content to its platform and going with creative moves such as ‘Netflix StreamFest’.

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