How to Delete Messages on Signal App?

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Signal is a popular messaging app that is used by millions of users around the world. The instant-messaging app offers multiple services and benefits that resonate with the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and renowned messaging app Telegram. Similar to other social media platforms, Signal also allows its users to delete or unsend messages on its platform. Users can delete the message for everyone within a 3-hour period. After three hours, users will only be allowed to delete their own messages. Follow the article to the end to get a detailed guide regarding deleting messages on Signal.

Steps to Delete Messages on Signal Desktop

To delete messages on the Signal desktop, open the Signal desktop app and navigate to the chat and find the message which you want to delete. Once you find the message, click on the three dots beside the message you want to remove.

Once the pop-menu appears, click on the 'delete message' option. In the confirmation window, click on the delete button. Signal users must note that the delete for everyone will not be available on the desktop version of the app.

Steps to Delete Messages on Android and iOS Smartphones

To delete messages on Android smartphones, open the chat and tap on the message bubble. Tap on more option and tap on any additional message bubbles or alerts. Once the message is selected, tap on the delete button and select the appropriate option.

If you are an iOS smartphone user, open the Signal app on your iPhone and open the chat with the contact. Tap and hold on to the message bubble. Alternatively, you can click on the three dots and then tap any additional messages or bubbles. Tap on the delete button. Once you click on the delete button, the text message will be deleted only for you. Users must also note that if they delete a group chat, they will still be an active participant of the group.

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