MIUI 12 Update Will Bring Enhanced Navigation Bars, Dark Mode and New Notification System

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Xiaomi Phones will soon stop receiving MIUI 11 updates as the company has stopped seeding MIUI 11 Developer ROM updates which we have reported recently. Also, Xiaomi has extracted the first version of MIUI 12, which has been published by a developer in the Chinese forum of the brand. MIUI 12, being the next major iterative upgrade, will bring updated navigation bards and features along with better camera updates. Not only this, but the MIUI 12 update will also give a whole new experience to Xiaomi users, says the forum member. However, no official statements have been released by Xiaomi regarding MIUI 12 update. So, some features mentioned below might not be available in the final version of MIUI 12. Here are all the first hand features you need to know about the MIUI 12.

MIUI 12 Will Have Enhance Navigation Bar, Gestures and New Notification System

Comparing the MIUI Interface with other global brands, the older versions of MIUI were uncomfortable and unstable, but that has changed with MIUI 11 last year. However, to ensure that users get a smooth browsing experience, Xiaomi has enhanced all the navigation bars along with gesture control for better user experience. One thing from which every smartphone user get annoyed is the push messages and notifications. MIUI has struggled to sort push notifications. However, with MIUI 12 update users will get to experience a new push message and notification management system which will sort the notifications and give a comfortable passage to users.

MIUI 12 Will Have Better Camera Interface

Cameras are one of the most important and demanded feature in any smartphone. All the smartphone makers ensure that the camera interface is easy to use so that users can click amazing pictures and create good memories. Xiaomi is continuously enhancing its lens modules to ensure perfect images of users. With MIUI 12 update, users will get a new camera interface which will allow them to use all the enhance lens modules easily, which will be rolled out by Xiaomi.

Dark Mode Will Be Enhanced in MIUI 12

Xiaomi has allowed the users to switch on dark mode in MIUI 11. However, the dark mode in MIUI 11 was unstable and had several lacks which ruined the user experience. With, MIUI 12 update, users will get a perfect dark mode which will offer a classy dark mode experience.


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