MIUI 11 Mi Share App Will Now Support Sharing With OPPO and Vivo Phones

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MIUI 11 from Xiaomi is one of the significant updates in terms of ROM for the Xiaomi smartphone users. There are tons of new features which make their way to the Xiaomi and Redmi phones as part of MIUI 11. One of such features has been Mi Share. Now, the Mi Share feature sounds a very simple one; however, the underlying technology has not been that easy for Xiaomi to roll out for the users. Also, the support for various brands has been something tricky to nail down for the company. But, until now, the phone users had to download third-party applications from the Google Play Store onto their devices to make fast file sharing possible. However, with the new Mi Share application, this need will be eliminated as the Mi Share application will come pre-installed on Xiaomi devices. The news that we bring to you is a little beyond this. MIUI has announced that other major brands like OPPO, Vivo and some others have joined hands with the company to take their sharing technology to a higher level.


Good News for Mi Share Users

In a new tweet from the MIUI official account which informs of all the updates on the MIUI, Xiaomi has noted that “Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have joined forces to take their Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance global, bringing seamless cross-brand file transfer, support transfer of multiple formats, protocol for high-speed and stable wireless transfer.” With this, the official MIUI has also tweeted that it invites all the other mobile phone brands as well to join the alliance. It is worth noting that with this new protocol, all the brands will be able to rollout a pre-installed application on their devices which will eliminate the need to install a third-party app for wireless sharing.

No Need for Third-Party App

There have been many applications on the market which help the users for this purpose and include names like Xender and Shareit. However, the Mi Share application and its other counterparts on Vivo, and OPPO phones are expected to do the same task. It is also worth noting that back in November, in a post in Mi Community a user had remarked that other smartphones brand would also start supporting sharing with Mi Share and it seems that it has finally happened for the Mi users. The requirement for fast wireless sharing is that the two devices should be using the same protocol. This can be made possible in two ways - when both the phones are using the same application, or when then underlying protocol for file transfer in the two phones is the same. With the new alliance, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo will be opting for the latter.

OnePlus Could Also Join the Bandwagon

It also seems very possible that since two of the companies under BBK Electronics, the consortium that owns OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus have joined hands with Xiaomi, then OnePlus might also follow next in line. If this happens, then the phones from all these brands will be able to very easily share files with each other, without needing to download a separate app. The Mi Share application is one of the most notable additions in the MIUI 11 right now, but apart from this, the ROM brings many more features onboard the Xiaomi devices which includes app drawer, force dark mode and many others.

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