JioFiber Jumps Two Ranks to Surpass Airtel Broadband and ACT Fibernet in Netflix ISP Speed Index

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When it comes to knowing about the speeds of the various telecom operators and the broadband service providers, there are a handful of speed tests that we rely on. However, these speed tests tell you the situation of your broadband or internet connection when you’ve actually got them. But, what do you do if you had to find out a rank-list of all the broadband service providers ranked according to their speed and service quality? Well, it’s a good thing that something like this exists, and it is called the Netflix ISP Speed Index. The Netflix ISP Speed Index measures the prime time Netflix performance of the various ISPs and various broadband operators. Netflix then ranks all these ISPs according to their speeds and assigns them an index. The good thing about the Netflix ISP Speed Index is that it is a monthly report, and it helps the customers in finding out which is the broadband service operator to rely on. The Netflix ISP Speed Index report for the November month is out now. Here is what you need to know about the ranking of the ISPs as per the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index report.


Top Spot Still Held by 7 Star Digital

The top two spots of the Netflix ISP Speed Index have been occupied by the regional broadband service providers, 7 Star Digital and Spectra respectively. While 7 Star Digital operates in the Mumbai region, Spectra is based out of Delhi. 7 Star Digital stays at the top spot of the rankings with an average speed of 3.65 Mbps, which is a slight downward trend from 3.74 Mbps. Spectra, which ranks on the second number, has nailed an average speed of 3.61 Mbps and has witnessed a slight downward trend as well down from 3.71 Mbps.

JioFiber Jumps Two Ranks

Keeping aside the first and the second ranks, the most significant change that comes to our notice while going through the Netflix ISP Speed Index report is the jump that Reliance JioFiber has made in the rankings. To recall, in September 2019, Reliance JioFiber had slipped down to the fifth position in the rankings, after staying at the fourth position for a while. For two months straight, Reliance JioFiber ranked on the fifth spot in September and October. But, after this slump now as per the report for the November month, Reliance JioFiber has jumped to the third spot, thus surpassing ACT Fibernet and Airtel Broadband.

With this being said, it is also crucial to note that the improvement in JioFiber’s ranking is not the result of improvement in its speed. It is just that the other ISPs have lost average speed by a higher margin as compared to JioFiber. While JioFiber had an average speed of 3.62 Mbps in October, in November the average speed had come down to 3.59 Mbps.

ACT Fibernet and Airtel Broadband Retain Relative Ranking

Airtel’s and ACT Fibernet’s relative ranking remained the same with Airtel ranking above ACT Fibernet on the fourth spot. Airtel had an average speed of 3.64 Mbps, and it came down to 3.56 Mbps. Whereas, ACT Fibernet’s average speed for the October month was 3.63 Mbps and then it came down to 3.52 Mbps. Overall, it can be said that if you want to experience the best streaming experience, then the ranking would be as follows: 7 Star Digital, Spectra, JioFiber, Airtel Broadband and then ACT Fibernet. Although the first two in the list have limited connectivity in Mumbai and Delhi respectively.

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