Microsoft might allow Android apps on Windows & Windows Phone platform

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Another sign of failure of Windows Phone platform by Microsoft! ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley's sources reports that Microsoft is considering to support Android apps on both, Windows Phone and Windows platforms.

According to the report, the support for Android apps might be added in Windows 10. The Microsoft's Developer Experience (DX) team has chalked out two plans:

Plan A includes getting apps on Windows and Windows Phone to Universal App model, allowing app developers to develop the app once and deploy on all Microsoft platforms. While this approach has already been publicised by Microsoft, and has managed to get developers to develop apps for the Windows Phone platform. Yet, many mainstream apps are missing from the Windows Phone developer app store. Indian startups have almost neglected the Windows Phone platform, there's no Windows Phone app for Saavn, the online music streaming app.

The Plan B includes allowing support for Android apps. While this approach might close the app gap between Windows Phone App store and Google Play Store or iTunes App store, it also possess many issues. For one, since most might use the develop for one platform and deploy for everyone approach, the apps will be developed for Android platform, as it's the most widely used platform. Hence the apps developed for Android might not go well with Microsoft's Metro design (or whatever it is called these days)  directives and Microsoft will in turn lose some quality designed apps.

Ever since Microsoft launched its new OS for mobile, Windows Phone platform was deemed to be the third mobile ecosystem. However, with each passing day it seems like a distant reality, considering that the company is unable to attack developers to its platform.

Will Android save Windows Phone?


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