Mi Browser Pro, Another Chinese App Banned by the Indian Government Today

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The Indian government is in a spree of banning Chinese apps in the country. Just a few days back, the government banned a total of 59 Chinese apps which were deemed unsafe for the users. These apps were a threat to the privacy of millions of Indians. Xiaomi’s Mi Community app was banned in India as well. Today, the government has banned yet another app of Xiaomi. This time, it is the Mi Browser Pro which came under the axe. It is the default browsing app which comes pre-installed in all the Xiaomi, Poco, and Redmi devices.

Mi Browser Pro No More in India

Users in India won’t be able to access Mi Browser Pro anymore. The government has banned the internet browsing app because it was a threat to the privacy of Indian users. Just a few months back, another browser of Xiaomi, Mi Mint was suspected to track the browsing data of a user even in incognito mode. It raised a lot of privacy concerns.

The Mi Browser Pro is the default browser which comes in all of the devices which run on MIUI. There were some really useful features inside the browser such as ad-blocker and the feature to download videos directly from social media websites. But there is nothing to worry about, users of Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco devices can use Google Chrome. Google Chrome also comes pre-installed in all the smartphones with MIUI.

There is a chance though that the users will be able to see the browser back again in the Play Store very soon. Xiaomi is communicating with the government about the doubts and issues and working on clearing them. The company has said that no user data is being taken out of India so there is nothing to worry about. Xiaomi won’t be too worried about the ban of the app as it won’t directly affect the sales of its smartphones. There are many browsers which people can choose from so it won’t be a very big issue.

Some other apps were banned today along with Mi Browser Pro are — AirBrush, Meipei, NetEase, BoXxCAM, Baidu Search, Heroes War, SlidePlus and Search Lite.

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