Meghbela Broadband Sets Forth New Unlimited Data Plans in Kolkata at Rs.300

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To all those, who are scared of their data volume getting over before the due date, here is a reason to smile. Meghbela broadband has introduced first of its kind unlimited internet plans in Kolkata. There are eight different plans ranging between Rs. 300 to Rs. 3800.

The first plan named ‘JET Starter’ is available for Rs. 300. Users can access unlimited data at a maximum speed of 128 kbps. The second plan named ‘JET Classic’ is available for Rs. 400. Users can access unlimited data at a speed of 256 kbps during key hours. This speed touches upper limit of up to 2 mbps between 12 am to 8 am.


Pack NameSpeed (KBPS)Access TimeUsageValidityPrice (Rs.)
JET Starter128 kbpsAny TimeUnlimited30 DaysRs. 300
JET Classic256 kbps2 mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 400
JET Zoom300kbps2 mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 490
JET High384 kbps2 mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 690
JET Silver512 kbps4mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 1100
JET Super640 kbps4mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 1390
JET Exclusive1024 kbps4mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 2000
JET Gold2000 kbps4mbps (12am-8am)Unlimited30 DaysRs. 3800

The third plan named ‘JET Zoom’ is available for Rs. 490 and lets users enjoy unlimited data at an average speed of 300 kbps, which increases up to 2 mbps between 12:00 am to 08:00 am.  The next plan is named ‘JET High,’ offers unlimited data at a speed of 384 kbps, which elevates to 2 mbps between 12:00 am to 08:00 am. Users have to pay Rs. 690 on monthly basis for availing this plan.

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The next four plans are for those who want to enjoy unlimited internet at a higher speed than the above ones. These plans are available for Rs. 1100 (JET Silver), Rs. 1390 (JET Super), Rs. 2000 (JET Executive) and Rs. 3800 (JET Gold) respectively. Users get unlimited data at the speeds of 512 kbps, 640 kbps, 1024 kbps, 2000 kbps respectively. The speed touches upper limit of 4 mbps between 12:00 am to 08:00 am. All the plans are renewable on monthly basis.

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