Kolkata’s ISP: Meghbela Broadband – Tariff Details

By January 28th, 2010 AT 8:01 PM

For last few years, Internet becomes a very familiar name to India. But sadly, apart BSNL, no other Internet Service Providers(ISP) offers broadband (more than 256kbps speed) to users in remote areas. Eastern India’s metro Kolkata has BSNL, Airtel, Tata Teleservices, Reliance Communication & Sify as category ‘A’ ISP. But they all have limited coverage as wireline/Landlone Broadband Internet providers, while wireless Internet is still not affordable to most people. Meghbela Broadband, being a category ‘B’ Internet service provider is often out-of-media-coverage, covers the suburban areas of Kolkata well. Meghbela Broadband’s product ranges offer services in and around Kolkata, with customized packages to home users and business houses.

Unlike BSNL’s ADSL technology , Meghbela uses Cable technology, so you never need a telephone. Meghbela Broadband has its channel partner with Bharti Airtel Broadband & Telephony Services to offer Internet services.Meghbela has prepaid plans only, so no worry about shocking bills every month. Even you can recharge after some days of post-validity of your previous pack.

Meghbela offers Internet packs starting as low as Rs 111(+ S.T.). Only Meghbela offers carry forward of balance data usage(in case of limited plans) if the renewal is made within 3 days from the deactivation date.

Here is the Plan Details-:

Plan NameSpeed (Upload/ Download)Data UsageValidityPrice (Rs) [excl. Service Tax]
Jet Starter128 kbpsUnlimited30 days300
Jet Classic256kbps, upto 2Mbps*Unlimited30 days400
Jet Zoom300kbps, upto 2Mbps*Unlimited30 days490
Jet High384kbps, upto 2Mbps*Unlimited30 days690
Jet Silver512kbps, upto 4Mbps*Unlimited30 days1100
Jet Super640kbps, upto 4Mbps*Unlimited30 days1390
Jet Executive1Mbps, , upto 4Mbps*Unlimited30 days2000
Jet Gold2Mbps, upto 4Mbps*Unlimited30 days3800
Jet Master256kbps, upto 512kbps*250 MB30 days111
Jet Mileage256kbps, upto 1Mbps*1000 MB30 days240
Jet 1st Gear256kbps, upto 1Mbps*2000 MB30 days349
Jet 2nd Gear256kbps, upto 2Mbps*5000 MB30 days699

* Speed upgrade during 12am – 8am, you need to re-log in to get that upgraded speed.

When you opt Meghbela Broadband, you have to pay non-refundable installation & activation charges
Meghbela also offers unlimited Night Plans – accessable between 10pm – 8am.

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