Magyar Telekom Picks Integrated Network Core from Mavenir

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Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom, the top Hungarian telecommunications service provider and a joint venture partner of Deutsche Telekom, has chosen Mavenir, the network software provider, to implement cloud-native containers Converged Packet Core. Mavenir is creating the systems of the future with cloud-native software that runs on any cloud and transforms how the world relates. Magyar Telekom will make use of the locally installed private cloud solution from Deutsche Telekom. The foundation for swiftly and easily deploying new business applications and services that take use of 5G features like reduced latency and network slicing will be laid by Mavenir's containerized convergent packet core.

Additional Information on the Integrated Network Core

As per Laszlo Boka, Platform and Core Services Tribe Lead at Magyar Telekom, it was crucial for them to work with a software provider who could deliver on three key fronts: a Converged Packet Core to support all access technology integration from 2G to 5G, an open architecture that could run on our specified hardware and software platforms, and seamless integration with external network functions. They are excited about what the future holds for Mavenir since it is a terrific prospect for them to offer on all three fronts.

The cloud-native MAVcore portfolio from Mavenir, which includes the 5G Core solution, is built on an open architecture and enables hardware decoupling, agility, portability, and cloud-native resilience in addition to easy scaling of applications and services.

Important Qualities Include:

Open Architecture: use a platform based on Kubernetes and hardware specified by Deutsche Telekom. Cloud-native design: a fully containerized programme built on a stateless microservice architecture that enhances network failure resilience and speeds up recovery time. Additionally, it makes it possible for users to sign up for Deutsche Telekom Containers-as-a-Service quickly (CaaS).

Network slicing includes specialised user plane network capabilities and control functions for adhering to rigid service level agreements. Converged architecture: Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G standalone (SA), 5G non-standalone (NSA), and 5G standalone (NSA) modes, allowing all access technologies to function on a single, cloud-native platform offered by Deutsche Telekom.

Third-party vendor network function (NF) integration: eNodeBs and gNodeBs, which are used for 4G and 5G access networks, as well as subscriber and policy management features, are integrated with numerous third-party vendors.


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