LG Mobile pumps in Eclair 2.1 update for Optimus GT 540

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LG Mobile pumps in Eclair 2.1 update for Optimus GT 540For people who own LG GT 540 Life's will be Good as the new firmware upgrade of Eclair 2.1 has arrived for your mobile device.

Now the first though which will come into your mind will be What's new in the latest firmware?

Right from multiple account support to an all new separate contacts interface to the most awaited HTML 5 support in the browser itself to Microsoft Exchange support, Live wall papers support and also with Bluetooth 2.1 support your phone is all set to get a revamp with this major software firmware upgrade.

After downloading the Program update and USB drivers for your device from here, you can proceed for updating your device.

But before going for upgrading your LG Optimus device don't forget to create a back up of all applications and data which are there on your phone because after the update you will lose all the information like contacts and other personal data which is stored in your phone, though all data which is stored in the SD Card will remain.

Don't forget to share the changes, likes and also dislikes which you have found after the update of your device here. For a detailed information on how to upgrade your device and also to create backup of all your data, you can refer LG's official site.


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