Reliance Jio Auto Renewing JioPrime Membership for All Its Prepaid Subscribers

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During the initial days of its services, when Reliance Jio was providing free data and calling to the consumers, it also introduced the Reliance Jio Prime Membership for its customers so that they could enjoy getting exclusive benefits for an extended period. That time, to upgrade to Reliance Jio Prime Membership, the Jio subscribers had to pay Rs 99 and that would get them a year worth of membership. However, now that we are close to the second year of Reliance Jio’s time in the marker, a lot of the subscribers need to renew their Prime membership to continue enjoying the benefits of free Reliance Jio apps and more. For that, Reliance Jio has decided that it will be renewing these Prime memberships for free for the subscribers. Here is how you can check whether or not your Jio Prime membership has been renewed.

How to Check for Jio Prime Membership Auto Renewal

The best thing about this move is that you won’t have to lift a finger to extend your Reliance Jio Prime membership and the company will update your membership status and extend it for you. In case you would like to check whether or not your Prime membership has been extended, then you will need to open the MyJio app on your device. If you haven’t already downloaded the application, then we recommend that you do so immediately, since it comes with a lot of exciting features. On opening the MyJio app, you can see the “My Plans” section which can be found from the hamburger menu on the top left corner.

In the “My Plans” tab you will be able to find all your existing plans, and over here look for “Jio Prime Membership”. You will notice that that the text reads, “Your request to avail free JioPrime membership for a year has been registered successfully. You can now enjoy JioPrime benefits for another year. Thank You!” This note means that your Reliance Jio Prime membership has been auto-renewed and you will continue to receive benefits for the same.

Benefits of Jio Prime Membership

The JioPrime membership is an integral part of your Jio subscription. While the regular Jio subscription avails you calling, SMS and other data benefits, the JioPrime membership avails you access to all the Reliance Jio apps like JioCinema, JioMusic, JioTV, etc. In addition to that, Jio Prime members get to enjoy additional data and complimentary offers which are not accessible by the standard users. The company had announced during the introduction of the Jio Prime membership that the users who were Jio Prime members would enjoy “additional benefits and superior value”.

The Jio Prime membership is worth it for Reliance Jio subscribers because it avails best tariff prices in addition to the extra benefits like movies, TV shows, news, magazines and much more. Reliance Jio subscribers also get access to apps like Jio KBC Play, Platinum access to live shows, and more. The app membership offers 7 days catch up of live TV, Sports commentary in local language and shots through different angles.

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