JioMeet Launches Additional Security Features to Enhance User Experience

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Reliance Industries video conferencing arm JioMeet is getting new features to enhance the browsing experience of users and give them a comfortable and hassle-free video calling experience. The company has announced that JioMeet will receive additional security features which will keep the private data of users safe so that they don’t have to worry about security breach by attackers. The move comes from the company after hackers and attackers posted obscene images in rival app Zoom. The new security features have been rolled out in the Android platform, and users can update the app to enjoy the features. However, the new feature will be rolled out in iOS soon.

JioMeet has Refreshed the User Interface and Look

Apart from adding new security features, JioMeet has refreshed the user interface and look to enhance the customer experience. As reported by PTI, the latest security features rolled out in the app include personal meeting rooms with the ability to set one’s password which can be helpful in frequent conferencing sessions such as school classes or frequent business meetings. Also, the new version of the JioMeet app has a single-use sign-on for enterprise users which will allow the users to use their existing user-ID and password. To add more in the new security features list, JioMeet users will also be able to enlarge and pin a meeting participant by double-clicking on the video screen of the participant. Enterprise users will also get the option to search and conference with other teammates without exiting from the main conference.

JioMeet Offers 24 Hours of Video Conferencing

JioMeet was launched by the company with some of the most intriguing features to enhance the customer experience and fill the shortcomings which users faced in the rival app Zoom. Unlike Zoom, which offers 40 minutes of video conferencing, JioMeet provides 24 hours of video calls without any interruptions. Also, JioMeet allows nine participants in a single mobile screen whereas Zoom just allows four participants. JioMeet app supports HD audio and video call with 100 participants and offers various features to cater to the video call need of digital users.

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