Japanese Consortium Claims World Record With 1.2 Tbps Optical Transmission In Field Trial

Japanese consortium achieves a world record by building the longest optical transmission link at 1.2 Tbps per optical wavelength, revolutionizing communication technology.


  • Japanese consortium breaks records with a 1.2 Tbps optical transmission link.
  • World's longest transmission link at 1.2 Tbps per optical wavelength.
  • World's largest capacity data transfer of 1 Tbps using a pair of general-purpose 1-socket servers.

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Japanese Consortium Sets World Record With 1.2 Tbps Optical Transmission
Japanese consortium of joint research partners, including the National Institute of Informatics (NII), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT EAST), and Fujitsu, announced today their successful construction of the world's longest transmission link, covering a distance of 336 km, at 1.2 Tbps per optical wavelength. Notably, the consortium also achieved full throughput transmission and the world's largest capacity data transfer exceeding 1 Tbps using a pair of general-purpose 1-socket servers on October 17, 2023.

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Technological Collaborations

As per the joint statement, this field trial was conducted using NTT EAST's commercial optical fibre, NTT's digital signal processing technology and devices, Fujitsu's next-generation optical transmission system, known as the 1FINITY Ultra Optical System, and Massively Multi-Connection File Transfer Protocol (MMCFTP) - a file transfer protocol developed by NII.

In a press statement, Fujitsu said this achievement opens the way for a variety of high-speed, high-capacity communication services, including academic communication networks, while also contributing to reduced costs and power consumption.

Reportedly, the research group will utilise this accomplishment to advance academic communication networks and drive research and development toward realising the Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN).

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Revolutionising Communication Networks

According to the official release, the increasing demand for faster communication networks, fueled by factors such as 5G services, big data, AI, and cloud computing, underscores the necessity to further enhance the speed and capacity of communication networks.

"To achieve these goals, NII is working on high-throughput file transfer technology that maximizes the use of high-capacity circuits. Fujitsu and NTT are also developing digital coherent signal processing circuits and photoelectric fusion devices that can deliver the world's largest capacity optical transmission of 1.2 Tbps per optical wavelength, as well as optical transmission systems," stated the release.

The research group combined the technological development results of each partner and successfully demonstrated the world's longest transmission at 1.2 Tbps per optical wavelength and the data transfer.

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Future Plans

NII is reported to support the development of Japanese research and development, NTT aims to further advance IOWN APN, NTT EAST will continue to study the realization of high-speed and large-capacity communication services, and Fujitsu stated it will continue to develop technologies to increase capacity and reduce the power consumption of optical transmission systems.

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