iPhone 12 Series Saw Better Sales Because People Didn’t Opt for the iPhone 11 During Pandemic

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The iPhone 12 series has become a great success story for Apple. The latest flagship series has done exceptionally well, even better than what people predicted it would do. Note that behind every successful product, there are plenty of factors. One of the major contributing factors for Apple’s iPhone 12 series success is the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 around the world. Every major market where iPhone 11 series was available at that time was in lockdown. Further, people were unsure about flushing their funds on the luxury items and goods which directly impacted the sales of the iPhone 11 series (which wasn’t too bad, to be honest!).

People Bought iPhone 12 Instead of Upgrading to the iPhone 11

Plenty of people who might have thought about upgrading to the iPhone 11 would have stopped themselves from doing so. Instead, after the lockdowns were eased and the iPhone 12 launch was nearby, many would have thought of upgrading to the iPhone 12 series as a better option.

According to a recent report from Counterpoint Research, the iPhone 12 series sales had crossed 100 million units in April 2021 (the first seven months from the launch of the smartphone). The 100 million unit sales mark this fast has been achieved by Apple only once before when it released the iPhone 6 series. In comparison, the iPhone 11 series took two months extra to achieve the 100 million units sales milestone.

What Caused the Surge in iPhone 12 Sales?

If you think about it, the iPhone 6 series was a major upgrade from the iPhone 5 series because it could support 4G and also came with a bigger screen. It is the same with the iPhone 12 series. It is also a significant upgrade from the iPhone 11 series as it can support 5G while none of the iPhone 11 series devices come with 5G support.

Further, the full OLED screen offered by Apple with the iPhone 12 series attracted customers a lot. As per Counterpoint Research, the most successful device in the first 7 months from the latest flagship series by Apple is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Even though Apple charged more for basically everything with the iPhone 12 series, people didn’t mind spending extra and get the iPhone 12 devices.

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