Intel Demonstrates Wi-Fi 7, Can Deliver up to 5 Gbps Speeds

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Even while adoption rates for Wi-Fi 6 and 6E are relatively low in 2022, Intel, the industry leader in semiconductor technology, is eager to transition to Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of broadband internet. In its most recent YouTube video, which was posted on Intel's Newsroom channel, Intel and Broadcom demonstrated how Wi-Fi 7 can reach speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which is at least five times faster than the 1 Gbps maximum speed of Wi-Fi 6 and 25 times faster than the 200 Mbps average speed of Wi-Fi 5.

An Intel-powered laptop with Wi-Fi 7 capability was used in the demonstration, and with the aid of a Broadcom access point router, a reliable and consistent 5 Gbps speed was attained during the test. The value of Wi-Fi 7 goes beyond basic speed gains to give increased network capacity, according to Broadcom, which also notes that it will benefit from significantly lower latencies. With online gaming and reduced latency for wireless VR headsets as the most obvious uses, the reduced latencies will be invaluable for immersive experiences via Wi-Fi. For media streamers, it also creates the astounding possibility of UHD 16K resolution high frame rate streaming (or more users streaming 4K or 8K videos simultaneously on the network)," according to Broadcom.

The firm expects to roll out and deliver Wi-Fi 7 modems in laptops powered by Intel starting in 2024, according to the company's press materials for the technology. The documents also reiterate the 4 primary areas of improvement for the upcoming generation of Wi-Fi. Accelerated connectivity, rock-solid reliability, wired-like speed, and improved privacy and security are the four major breakthroughs. Specifically, Intel guarantees that Wi-Fi 7 will provide :

1. PC Wi-Fi speeds of more than 5 Gbps with sustained ultra-low latency allow users to share data in seconds as opposed to minutes.

2. Assurance that your PC will simultaneously establish and keep the greatest Wi-Fi connections.

3. Full-home gaming without compromise.

4. Have faith in your connection.

Wi-Fi 7 Specifications

Comparing Wi-Fi 7 to earlier generations, new specifications and standards are present. Tri-band operations using the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz frequencies are a characteristic of the new Wi-Fi 7. Compared to single-band operation and dual-band operation, tri-band operations enable greater multi-device connections via Wi-Fi 7 without much interference. Wider 320 MHz channels in the unlicensed 6GHz band, higher order 4K QAM data modulation, and the future WPA4 network security encryption standard are also among the underpinning technologies for Wi-Fi 7.

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