Instagram Live Rooms Allowing Up To ‘4’ People on a Live Broadcast

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Instagram, one of the biggest social media applications in the world, has launched ‘Instagram Live Rooms’. The company announced the feature through a blog on Monday. The ‘Live Rooms’ feature by Instagram will allow up to four users to join a live session. Until now, only two people could go ‘live’ together, but that number has been doubled-up and increased to four. Other users can stream the broadcast by signing-in to their accounts—more details about the feature ahead.

Instagram Allowing Users to Purchase Badges and Shop Through the ‘Live Rooms’

Instagram said that Live Rooms would give creators a new opportunity to build a business and earn money from their skills. Live viewers will be able to buy badges for their favourite creators/hosts and take advantage of other interactive features such as ‘Live Fundraisers’ and ‘Shopping.’

The company said that it is looking to add more interactive features to the application and the ‘Live Rooms’ feature for enhancing the end-user experience. Some new audio features and moderator controls are expected to be available at the app in the coming months.

How You Can Use the ‘Live Rooms’ Feature

To use Instagram Live Rooms, go to the ‘Live’ camera option in the app. After that, add a title for the broadcast and invite other users to join you in the Live. You can also add users who have requested to be a part of your ‘Live Room’.

The host will appear at the top of the screen when guests are added to the Live. The host will have the authority to add new users at a time convenient to him/her. So if it is a surprise guest that you want to add a little bit later to the ‘Live Rooms’, you can do that.

The ‘Live Rooms’ feature from Instagram will surely elevate the user experience for both creators and the consumers using the application.

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