Innoz Launches TRANZ-Now Share Files With Your Phonebook Friends

Innoz India’s fastest growing mobile and web expert company today announced the launch of mobile file sharing and networking application named as Tranz.

Using Tranz one can share any kind of files on mobile with your phone-book contacts. Tranz works with GPRS/3G, WIFI enabled mobile phones.

Tranz currently supports all JAVA enabled handsets, Deepak Ravindran  CEO Innoz India quoted Tranz will  be soon available  for Symbian,iPhone and in android platform.One can download the application from .

Tranz Features:

• Live Feeds:

Share your thoughts; get to know what’s latest with your friends and what’s latest on your friends’ phones.

• Private Send:

Private Send is a feature that allows you to privately share any file with your friend thus making Tranz a very personal tool.
Your wish for a Bluetooth with an amazing range has finally come true.Time to go Tranzing!

•Closed network:

The best thing about Tranz is that it lets you share files with a very closed network — friends on your phonebook. No spam from unwanted people, complete privacy and security for you. Tranz only lets you share with people you actually care!

• Shout this file:

Some files always are the talking point among your friends.This feature helps you to let your friends know which file is driving you crazy by adding your thoughts and shouting about the file.

• Compose message:

As the name suggests this feature lets you send direct messages to your friends. Built in such a way that it is simple to write and send to one or more friends like an email and very easy to view and reply like an sms.

Other features:

•Friend Suggestions :
View the friend suggestions for Tranz users who are not on your phonebook.

•Sync Friends :
Lets you update your Tranz friends by syncing your phonebook.

•Set download location :

Set download location of your choice for  the files that you receive via Tranz.

• WIFI Support:
Tranz support WIFI,so if you have a WIFI phone,TRANZ can be used for a better speed.

So what are you waiting for download the application and have fun.

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Deepak Ravindran
March 8, 2010 7:54 pm 7:54 PM

@prasanth tranz is tavte trust verified (signed app) so u don hav 2 give permission each time 🙂

Prasath J
March 3, 2010 9:38 am 9:38 AM

This is something same like Nokia’s own S60 app, I forgot its name… But this one is for Java phones too… So the scope is large, but I think you need to give permission each and every time the phone (urs or others) wants to touch system like phonebook, messaging etc…

March 2, 2010 10:16 pm 10:16 PM

Hey, thanks tarun for that wonderful post,will keep you posted 🙂
@rajiev- yes TRANZ can be downloaded for free to your PC/mobile from the website