Industry Took 25 Years to Build 2G Network, Jio Built 4G Network in 3 Years: Ambani

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Jio built 4G network in three years says Ambani

India has the opportunity to lead from the front in the fourth industrial revolution, says Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director of the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). The chairman of the most valuable company in India believes that with Jio India can lead the fourth industrial revolution. Ambani highlighted that India missed out on being a significant part of the previous three industrial revolutions. However, the billionaire said that now with the help of super-fast connectivity and affordable devices, it can emerge at the top of other nations in the fourth industrial revolution. More on the story ahead.

Jio the Key Ingredient in Leading From the Front

As per a PTI report, Ambani said that edge-computing, digital connectivity, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, and genomics are going to drive the fourth industrial revolution. Jio aims to develop and grow in all of these fields.

Further, Amabani said that with Jio, India came from 155th position in consuming data to 1st in just four years. It was also highlighted that the telco built its 4G network in a short span of 3 years compared to the 25 years it took for the telecom industry of India to build its 2G network. Jio was said to be adding 7 subscribers per second and Ambani highlighted that the additions resulted in India consuming 1.2 billion GB data compared to 0.2 billion GB data pre-Jio.

Crucially, Ambani said that Jio is also prepared to deploy its 5G network throughout India using homegrown technologies. It is just a matter of time until the 5G spectrum auction takes place and Jio is set to start testing 5G right away.

Ambani said that India must invest in developing and building next-generation technology assets if it wants to stay ahead in the race from other countries. The billionaire highlighted that JioPhone made smartphones affordable, but they aren’t the typical 4G smartphone. Thus Jio has partnered with Google for manufacturing affordable smartphones which will fall under Rs 4,000. This move from Jio will ensure that digital connectivity is affordable for everyone living in India.

"We must root out inefficiencies across the digital ecosystem,” Ambani said at the TM Forum's Digital Transformation World Series. “We must break silos and forge winning partnerships. Only then can we build and sustain a truly digital society.”

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