India taps its citizens’ calls, messages and emails?

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Is your phone getting tapped? Perhaps yes!

According to Vodafone Group Plc., the world’s second largest carrier, 28 countries including India request access to its network, indicating the vast scale of snooping done by governments globally.

The access of network is requested to wiretap or intercept calls, text messages and emails. The operator did not reveal the number of requests or the nature of requests received from India for network access.


Vodafone has begun giving out the details of authorities’ monitoring the calls, after Edward Snowden issue. Following the issue, people and companies are using encrypted messages and using online tools to hide online activity.

Vodafone’s report comprised only of lawful requests from government. “In few countries, the Government has direct access on the operator’s network according to their constitution,” says Vodafone reports Economic Times.

Vodafone believes that the Governments across the globe should publish some kind of statistical data related to it. In its 147 page report, Vodafone also said that it respects Right to privacy of citizens. The company claimed the requests as ‘lawful’ interceptions as it gives access to the content of communication, duration of the calls, location etc.

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