Impact of Fiber Optics on Your Broadband Internet Speed

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Fibre Optic Connection

Technology is a fast-growing and advancing industry. The trends are similarly observed in the technology behind the transmission of the internet. This includes mediums that are used in delivering the internet to your doorstep. There are various mediums through which your ISP provides internet like – DSL, satellite, copper cables and the most recent Fiber Optics. Fibre Optic cables are fragile strands of pure glass. These cables have been replacing the copper cables used to deliver internet at a comparatively slower speed. As internet users are hungry for high-speed internet, a fibre optic cable is the one that’s capable of doing so. Here are all the ways in which Fiber Optics impact your broadband internet speed.

Transmission of Information is Faster

With fibre optic cables, information and data can travel at the speed of light. As a medium of transmitting data and information, fibre optic cables can transfer more data quicker, which means a high broadband speed for the end-user. These cables can transmit data faster than the traditional copper cables that were used for transmitting voice data.

Balanced Upload and Download Speed

Its commonly known that the speed advertised by ISPs is only the download speed, and the upload speed is significantly lower. There are several use cases where a user might want balanced and upload speed, like if the internet is used for both uploading and downloading videos or data from the internet. The traditional copper cables lacked the flexibility to provide upload speed similar to download speed, but with fibre optic cables, you can enjoy a balanced upload and download speed which would provide a lag-free experience.

Reliable Connection

Fibre Optic cables specialise in transmitting data faster over long distances. This means that no matter how far you are from the major city point, you can always ensure a smooth and reliable connection using fibre optics. These cables are built to tackle harsh environmental conditions like rain and high temperatures. A stable and dependable connection would ensure that the end-user is able to stay connected to a high-speed broadband internet connection at all times.

Lag-Free Internet Experience

In simple terms, lag is the time difference between giving a command to the system and the command being actioned. A lag-free internet connection can be ensured using fibre-optic cables as it transmits data at the speed of light. The balances upload and download speed also contribute to a lag-free experience. A lag-free experience would make sure your movies stream without buffering, and your games run smoothly.

Access to Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology is booming in today’s world, where users require more and more storage to store their data. Cloud technology can store large quantities of data without using your phone’s internal or external storage. Since clouds have huge data, the fast internet provided by fibre optic cables makes it easier to access data on the cloud.

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