Twitter Resumes Verification for ‘Blue Badge’

Twitter has confirmed that it is resuming the verification process under the new guidelines. Once a user’s profile is verified, he/she gets a ‘Blue Badge’ on his/her profile.

By June 2nd, 2021 AT 10:09 AM


The microblogging platform Twitter this morning resumed the verification process again for the users. The company paused it a few days back when it got a ton of requests for verification. However, through a tweet, Twitter has confirmed that it is resuming the verification process under the new guidelines. Once a user’s profile is verified, he/she gets a ‘Blue Badge’ on his/her profile marking that person as authentic.

What Happens to Already Submitted Requests?

In the period when the verification requests were paused, Twitter said that it was reviewing the already submitted requests. The company didn’t pause the process for a long period this time. Twitter announced that it is temporarily stopping verifications requests on May 29 and has resumed it on June 2.

But this is not all that’s going on with Twitter at the moment. In India, legal action against the company has been taken recently. The micro-blogging platform has been asked to comply with the new IT rules of the government within 3 weeks as per Delhi High Court’s order.

Twitter has failed to comply with the new rules and regulations of the IT order completely. Even after getting three months, like all the other companies which have already complied with the order, Twitter wants more time to do so.

To top this, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has further asked the central government to stop allowing children from accessing the application. For the unaware, the new IT rules seek for the social media platforms to appoint three officers who will oversee all the grievances and complaints of the users and the government.

The grievance officer that Twitter has mentioned on the website is a U.S. citizen. The rules make it mandatory for the company to appoint officers who are local Indians. Since the new IT rules weren’t put on stay, Twitter will have to comply with the order just like every other social media company.

Note that the new IT rules only affect companies/platforms which have more than 50,00,000 or 5 million users in the country. It will be interesting to see how Twitter responds to this order since it basically has no choice but to follow the rules now.

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