Idea Cellular starts offering Internet Rate Cutters for 3G

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Operators are trying hard to promote 3G in India, let it be by hiking 2G data prices and by simultaneously lowering 3G prices in less variations.

In a bid to promote and increase 3G data usage, Idea Cellular has started offering 3G Internet Rate Cutters.

These rate cutters when activated allows users to use 3G data at comparatively less price/MB than base tariff. 

Idea 3G Data Rate Cutter

Now let us check what these Rate Cutters offers :

Idea RV32 – 40p/MB – 30 Dayswhich when calculated for 1024MB goes at around Rs 409.60 excluding the Recharge Voucher price. 

Idea RV73 – 30p/MB – 30 Dayswhich when calculated for 1024MB goes at around Rs307.20 excluding the Recharge Voucher price.

So, as a user if you want to use 500MB atleast with any of these packs calculate what is the amount you end up paying.

From my initial analysis i can say these are not user friendly packs at all. Dear readers, do you think these packs are affordable and are you ready to avail them? Do let us know via comments.

Note : RV’s mentioned in sms are for a specific circle. May or may not be same for all circles and so as our calculations. Please check with cc the availability and benefits before availing the same. 

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