Idea Cellular introduces interactive eBill termed as Smart Bill for it’s Postpaid Customers

Gone are the days of just a static ebill, with everything appended with the word ‘smart‘ and indeed becoming smart, Idea cellular has now come-up with a smart ebill which is interactive in nature for it’s postpaid users.


Pushed to customers very recently, this ebill is very interactive with all in all a single dynamic page of PDF pulling all the information and presenting to users without the need to scroll or navigate through many pages.

Features of Interactive E-Bill provided by Idea Cellular :

  • Single Page Layout with multiple tabs for easier navigation to different sections
  • Multimedia content such as Demo Videos, Usage History Graphs and Hyperlinks to help you understand your bill easily
  • Simplified Search through Data Selection based on the criteria within the bill
  • Provision for viewing and tracking your previous bill usage
  • Direct payment links for Quick Bill Payments

An interactive ebill walk through is embedded below for reference :

Idea Cellular has also pushed it’s regular ebill to customers this time along with smart ebill to make it easy for customers this first time.

Our initial Experiences with smart bill :

  1. Needs a consumer to do one time setup of Adobe Reader to access the ebill.
  2. Tried to open the ebill with a couple of open source pdf readers on Linux but failed. Even Mozilla and Chromium failed to load the interactive bill, but the good thing is that on failure, the pdf shows up instructions on how to proceed further.
  3. One needs to install Adobe Acrobat reader if not already installed on machine to access this pdf. Once this initial set up is done from consumer end, one can start playing with this interactive bill.
  4. Initially this interactive ebill is slightly difficult to set up and understand, but once one gets habituated it becomes easy to use.
  5. I really found this interactive ebill useful particularly while using the filter function in detailed billing and no scroll single page view.

Dear readers, have you accessed this next generation interactive ebill from idea? If so please share your thoughts and how important do you feel this can add up to consumer experience?

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7 Comments on "Idea Cellular introduces interactive eBill termed as Smart Bill for it’s Postpaid Customers"


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August 18, 2017 2:09 pm 2:09 PM

This is one of the stupidest feature. I can’t export this bill to a plain PDF which can be submitted for Bill reimbursements.

Sunny | Lucknow
July 18, 2016 1:51 pm 1:51 PM

Vodafone has this since a long time but you’ll have to login to your account online to see the details. I guess they too can follow suit and make their bills interactive like this.

S Gopal
July 18, 2016 1:24 pm 1:24 PM
Welcome move by !dea Cellular, however, it is not a trendsetter since such pie charts and bar graphs were used by Vodafone as far as I can recollect ever since Hutch Essar days and Airtel too has implemented what Vodafone did through its online portal, although I personally consider it a bit confusing compared to Vodafone. BSNL has an older version, for Landline, of interactive bill viewing which has seen better days and MTNL possesses which I consider an antiquated bill details portal, but, nonetheless a user does get additional info over and above what is mentioned in the monthly… Read more »