How to Recover Deleted Posts from Instagram?

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Instagram is rolling out new features globally to make the platform intriguing for users. A few weeks back, the Facebook-owned platform launched the 'Recently Deleted' feature, allowing users to recover their deleted posts. There are many hackers who attack the profile of users and delete memorable pictures and videos, or sometimes the user him/herself want their old posts back. The new feature has been designed to allow users to recover their posted content from the platform without any hassle. If you wish to recover your deleted post from Instagram, follow the article till the end.

How to Recover Content from Instagram?

If your Instagram picture or video has been deleted from the profile, utilise the Recently Deleted feature to get back your memories. To recover the deleted post, tap on the 'hamburger' icon and navigate to the settings option. Once you open the settings tab, scroll down the screen and select account from various options listed under the settings option.

Search for 'Recently Deleted' tab in the account tab. Under the 'Recently Deleted' option, you will see all the photos and videos that have been deleted from your account. Select the post which you wish to retrieve back in your profile.

Verification Process Will be Done Via Text or Email

The Facebook-owned platform will ask for verification process before permanently deleting your posts from the Recently Deleted tab. The verification process will be done via text or Email. The process will protect the account from unauthorised access by hackers.

Instagram Will Delete Posts After 1 Month

Instagram stories which have been deleted will stay in the Recently Deleted folder for 24 hours. All other content formats such as IGTV, posts and videos will stay for 30 days and users will have the option to recover the entire deleted folder. Once the 30 days period is over, Instagram will permanently delete the photos and videos in the Recently Deleted folder.

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