Government Might Activate New SIMs in Lockdown Period

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Telecom operators have been working hard to provide seamless network connectivity to users amid the lockdown period. Since the government of India extended the lockdown period until May 3, 2020, people have to stay at homes for 19 more days. To ensure that telecom subscribers add more subscribers, the government might allow telcos to activate new SIM cards in the lockdown period, a new report by ET Telecom says. COAI also stated that with government intervention, the telecom industry has been able to provide better network infrastructure to subscribers to ensure a free flow of services in the lockdown period.

New SIM Cards Will be Activated After Security Review

COAI Director General Rajan Mathews noted that the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will finalise the decision of activation of new SIM cards after the security review issues. The review is essential because the new SIM cards will be given to subscribers at their doorsteps. To ensure that subscribers don’t move out of their houses to get their SIM cards, DoT will also plan to get necessary details required for the activation of SIM through an online process to reduce movement and maintain social distancing amid the lockdown period.

Faulty Network Base has been Reduced

DoT has been working with Telecom operators to ensure that network flow is maintained in the lockdown period. Since the government imposed the lockdown period, DoT closely worked with telecom operators and reduced the faulty network base from 800 to 290. Not only this, but the number of optical fibre cuts was also reduced from 100 per day to nearly 19 cuts in the lockdown period. It is expected that DoT will mainly work with the industry to ensure that network services are maintained in the next 19 days of lockdown period. To ensure that telecom operators continue to give exclusive services to subscribers, DoT might also remove GST payments and reduce the license fees and spectrum usage charges.

Telecom Operators are Providing Exclusive Benefits to Subscribers

Major telecom operators like Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are providing exclusive benefits to subscribers in the lockdown period. Telcos have extended the validity of prepaid plans to ensure that everyone is connected with their loved ones in stressful times. Not only this, but telco giants are also offering double data benefits to facilitate work from home.

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