Google’s Upcoming Foldable Might Turn a Few Heads

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Pixel Foldable
Google as a company has been responsible for multiple advancements and products, be it the Google search engine, the Android operating system or Youtube, the world's largest content hub. But, one thing that is often swept under the radar is Google's hardware prowess, which is often seen playing second fiddle to the company's immaculate software advancements.

The Pixel series of devices were launched with the aim of showcasing what Google feels Android should look like, given how OEMs tend to apply skins or modifications to the bone stock Android which is the base of the device. But, in doing so, Google has time and again failed to, for lack of a better word, highlight the hardware that it has had to offer.

From the original Pixel all the way up to the Pixel 5, the company has been offering simplistic, basic yet functional hardware. Leave aside the bathtub notch on the Pixel 3XL, the components used for the build and, especially the back panel on the Pixel, which, until recently was a dual-tone affair has always oozed a sense of luxury.

The coloured power button, providing a sense of colour in a rather bland side panel was also something that most people did notice but failed to appreciate. Now, it seems that Google is hard at work to bring it's first foldable to take on the likes of Samsung and, to do so, it might make use of its opponent's biggest strength.

Google's Upcoming Foldable Might Use Samsung's Panel

Z Fold 2

Whilst not a lot of things are known in regards to this mystery foldable, a recent report has mentioned that Samsung could supply its ultra-thin glass or UTG to Google, as per ETNews. As of now, the only electronics to make use of the UTG are owned by Samsung themselves.

In case you missed it, Samsung debuted the ultra-thin glass for the cover window on the inner screen on the Z Flip, which later got transferred to the Z Fold 2. What this display did was allow for easy flexibility, with slightly fewer creases and higher durability than that found on the older foldables.

Now, if Google does plan to use this display, it could be working on a device that could really take the fight to Samsung, since it can easily keep the company at bay when it comes to software, especially with the new Android 12 UI, which would look fantastic on a foldable screen, which would obviously spread out to provide a larger canvas to that found on a regular 16:9 panel or 21:9 panel.

This, when coupled with Google's aforementioned premium-grade yet ergonomic hardware could result in a product that would be able to undercut its most popular rivals and be slightly more durable and easier to use, as has been the case with Pixels and their matte finish backs which make it a breeze to use the device without any fear of accidental drops.

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