Google Photos for Android Receives Suggested Actions, Auto Rotation and Many Other Features

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Sundar Pichai in this year’s Google I/O 2018 conference talked at length about the new features which the tech giant was going to release for its products. Out of the many, there was a heavy focus on one product which caught the attention of almost every person. The CEO discussed how Google Photos would see a lot of features which would soon be added to the application along with many functionalities like Suggested Actions. Apparently, the latter feature has now been silently pushed to a handful of users.


This new functionality which Pichai introduced in the I/O conference will make managing images in Google Photos much easier. With this new feature, the Google Photos application will make suggestions to users which will enhance the photos like making it bright, tilting the image etc. Users will be able to make these changes with a single tap within the Photos app.

An Android Police report which recently surfaced illustrated that the new Google Photos update will automatically adjust brightness, rotate images, and archive screenshots and images of things like labels, menus, and receipts. All these new features will also be available for the desktop version of Google Photos along with the android app. One very interesting feature which will be a lot useful will be the auto-brightness adjustment. Using AI technology Google will be able to identify which image can be enhanced using brightness adjustment, likewise it will also prompt the user to make that particular change in just a single tap.

Another related functionality which will come as a part of Suggested Actions will be the app’s ability to auto-rotate images. This functionality will rotate wrongly placed images on its own, based on the AI detection technology. It will be widely useful for images which are saved with wrong orientation in either portrait or landscape mode.

After the I/O 2018, there have been many expected updates to the Google Photos application. One of the exciting upgrades which Google Photos was supposed to receive is already here. The ‘Colour Pop’ feature which will colour the subjects and will leave the background black and white has already started rolling out to the users in the latest version of the app. A similar AI based feature which will auto-colour old black and white shots are also expected to soon make its way to the Google Photos app. Apart from that, it was also announced in this year’s I/O that now third-party developers will be able to provide Google Photos access from their applications.

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