This Google Feature Will Make Browsing Web Pages More Seamless

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Google has always been known for launching newer and newer features to its search engine that allows the user to search for their required product or service easily. Now it seems that Google is testing a new experimental feature that will provide users with a way to browse first-page search results with ease.

A 9to5Google report suggests that Google is testing a new experimental feature under the name of Continous Search Navigation that will provide users with a new and refreshed way to browse first-page search results. This feature supposedly takes the shape of a bar on Chrome, which is positioned slightly below the main address bar.

How it works is pretty interesting, yet simple. When a user searches for something and clicks on a certain result, the additional results on the search page show up on a horizontal stripe. When a user taps this new result, there is a redirect sequence that takes you to the specific page.

What Does the Feature Do?

Even after tapping the desired result, the bar still remains fixed right below the address bar. Scrolling down the page will also let the user hide the bar as well as the address bar too. Do note that just eight results are listed, but these results appear on the first page of the search result.

This seems to be a very useful design related tweak from Google. The bar will allow for a decrease in the number of steps and time required to note the first page of search results in the context of a specific topic. Whilst checking particular topics, it should also make it much simpler to compare and switch between multiple sources of the same topic/issue.

This could raise some issues for site owners, as many readers fail to venture beyond the first page of results that the search engine offers on, with this feature seemingly set to pin users to the base page.

This should stress the need to further feature on the first page in the current form for more reach. Thankfully it is an experimental feature, so there could be tweaks prior to the official release.

Certain rumours hint at Google allowing users to list the number of sites to the list, with the potential of making browsing of multiple search pages much easier. 9to5Google has suggested that the bar could be toggleable in the future to let users return to the original search page, but tests failed to show the same.

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