Galaxy Tab 3 T211 vs. Canvas Tab P650: Which one’s a better budget tablet

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Samsung and Micromax are in edge to edge competition as they are both currently the leading vendors in the Indian market. A lot of their gadgets are being compared to one another. Now Micromax has just launched its flagship tablet, the Canvas Tab P650 which will be up against the Tab 3 211 from Samsung.

Let us have a comparative look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T211 and Canvas Tab P650:


Design: The Galaxy Tab 3 T211 is about 9.9 mm thick and weighs 304 grams. While the Canvas Tab P650 is 9.6 mm thick but slightly heavier than the Galaxy Tab. But the Samsung offering has a better build quality so this one goes in favour of the Tab 3.

Display: The Galaxy Tab 3 T211 carries a touch display of 7 inches and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels where as the Canvas Tab P650 features an 8 inch display and 1024 x 768 pixels resolution. The Micromax unit is slightly bigger which might just work in its favour but the Samsung device comes with a better pixel density.

Processor: Galaxy Tab 3 T211 has been equipped with dual core processor of 1.2 Giga Hertz which pales in comparison to the Canvas Tab P650’s quad core processor of 1.2 Giga Hertz. And this where the difference might just come in. But the Samsung Tab 3 211's processor is based on Cortex A9 architecture whereas the Canvas Tab is based on Cortex A7 architecture so expect somewhat similar levels of performance.


Operating System: Galaxy Tab 3 T211 functions on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean while the Canvas Tab P650 works on Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. And the Canvas offers a stock Android experience so this is one aspect where the Micromax offering has an upper hand.

Memory: Both the devices carry a RAM of 1 GB. Galaxy Tab 3 T211 offers internal storage of 8 GB and expandable storage of 32 GB. On the other hand, Canvas Tab P650 provides 16 GB of internal storage and 32 GB of expandable memory. And the Micromax Canvas Tab P650 wins once more.

Camera: Galaxy Tab 3 T211 features 3 mega pixel rear camera and 1.3 mega pixel front facing shooter. Micromax again wins with its 5 mega pixel primary camera and 2 mega pixel front facing shooter.

Connectivity Features: Both the tablets offer connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro USB, GPS and 3G. Galaxy Tab 3 T211 also provides DLNA and GLONASS. There's a sim card slot as well for connectivity alongwith calling facility.

Battery: Galaxy Tab 3 T211 runs on a 4000 mAh battery while the Canvas Tab P650 works on 4800 mAh battery.

Our Take: Though these two devices come under the same price cap, however, differences in terms of features and specifications are hard to ignore. The Canvas Tab P650 looks better on paper but the Samsung devices have already proved their worth in terms of real world performance.


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