Flyx Introduces Social Network Targeted at Those Who Stream

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Flyx, on Friday, launched its social network for those users who stream content online. The company said that its social network would try to aid viewers who are struggling to select a content for streaming. According to Flyx, there are too many streaming services which provide users with too many choices for streaming. However, the company feels that the viewers are missing out on a “cross-platform service that aggregates content and provides quick and targeted recommendations.” Flyx said that its network would reduce the time viewers normally take to select a content to stream by displaying recommendations from its users’ friends and contacts.

Social Network for Streamers

Further, Flyx is said to enable users to create a cross-platform watch-list along with a private list for its users to mark the content that has already been viewed.

“Watching movies and shows has a huge impact in our social life and surprisingly none of the current social media captures it well enough," Shashank Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Flyx, said in the release. "FLYX is inherently very social and fun to use.”

Streaming apps have seen an increase in demand with companies including Netflix reporting an increase in new subscribers while other reports highlight an increase in traffic.

Netflix reported an addition of 15.8 million subscribers during its first quarter representing an 22% Year-on-Year (YoY) growth

In a report released on Tuesday, Absolute Markets Insights said that over-the-top traffic has shown an 198% increase in April due to government lockdowns. The company engaged in providing latest trends related to consumer demand and consumer behaviour said that global OTT services is projected to hit US$67.76 billion by 2023.

Further, Absolute Markets Insights said that traditional Cable TV providers are migrating towards OTT services to meet the increased demand from users.

Flyx Available on iOS and Android App Stores

Flyx said that its social networking app is available for download on both Apple and Google Play Stores. The company said that its platform lets users cross post on other social media platforms including Instagram and Snapchat. Further, Flyx said that the platform lets users know their followers of what they are currently watching and even post a question about a show or a movie.

Flyx is also said to serve as a platform for watching trailers and to make conversations with followers about new and upcoming releases.

“FLYX is very simple to use," Mayank Mishra, COO and Co-founder of FLYX, said in the release. "The stories function is addictive and the trailers keep me informed about new and upcoming shows.”

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