Finding the Right Broadband Router for Smooth Online Gaming

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Online gaming and streaming have picked up a rapid momentum in popularity amongst youngsters as a professional career option. If gaming is your passion, you probably understand the importance of a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. A smooth online gaming experience is not only contributed by a fast internet but also the right choice of router. You may be subscribed to the best and fastest internet plans offered to you by your Internet Service Provider, but if you are not using the right router, you may not be enjoying a flawless gaming experience.

Your regular router and a gaming router differ from each other by their Quality of Service (QoS) features. Although all broadband routers have QoS features when you choose the best gaming router, the QoS feature prioritises the incoming traffic for your game over other activities that might be happening on the internet, like a movie being downloaded at the same time. This prioritisation of internet traffic boosts gaming performance and reduces lag and buffer considerably. Here are some features you need to keep in mind while choosing a gaming laptop.

Presence of an Ethernet Port

When it comes to gaming, a wired Ethernet connection should always be preferred over a wireless connection through Wi-Fi. Using a wired broadband connection ensures that you get a lag-free experience while gaming. Thus, while choosing a gaming router, ensure that the router has an Ethernet port that can handle speeds up to 25MBPS.

Dual-Band Support Available

A single internet connection can deliver various frequencies to your router. With 5G coming soon on a massive scale, many internet service providers have started offering a bandwidth of 5GHz. This is in addition to the 2.4GHz frequency that’s normally delivered. While choosing a gaming router, make sure your Wi-Fi AC router has dual-band support so you can connect to the 5GHz bandwidth for faster speed. One drawback of doing so would be a subsequent reduction in range. High-frequency bandwidth have a limited range, so it would be best if the gaming setup is situated in the same room as your router.

High-bandwidth Range

Many of the gaming routers available in the market also come with tri-band wireless networking support. This means that you can have two 5GHz bands reaching your router along with the standard 2.4GHz band. This will ensure that your gaming experience is not only smooth and free of any lags but also that the second 5Gzhz band can provide faster downloads, uninterrupted video streaming, and a more vivid gaming experience.

Gaming Router’s Cost Viability

Yes, a gaming router will prioritise your gaming experience over anything else, but the other features it offers are also equipped in high-end broadband routers these days. If your internet connection is for your home, a gaming router will deliver a good experience only to the gamer in the house. On the other hand, a high-end broadband router will get you all the features of a gaming router and also ensure that everyone in the house has a great overall internet experience.

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