Facebook reportedly in talks with Samsung to develop a smartphone

A Facebook dedicated smartphone does not sound like a breakthrough concept as it has been a failure in the past. Now Facebook is again trying to revive the beaten idea, even after strings of unsuccessful ventures with HTC, it is now teaming up with other hardware partners. In the recent reports, published by the Korean media, reveals the recent meeting held between the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and Samsung executives for discussing partnership pre-requisites.

Both the companies are practicing silence on this news, though the reports confirm that the meeting was successful. There are no details about the hardware yet. This partnership does not really surprise us as Samsung recently roped in Oculus (which is owned by Facebook) to develop its Gear VR Headset.

Facebook’s past ventures into developing a social media centric smartphone has resulted into disappointments. The first venture was HTC ChaCha, while the HTC First has been the greatest failure for HTC and Facebook. Furthermore, Facebook might also agree on pre-installing its main app and messenger app on Samsung smartphones.

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October 15, 2014 8:24 pm 8:24 PM

No monopolistic venture please…! No scope or hope for such dedicated phone, instead show some dedication towards all, with an open mind !!!


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