Facebook launches “Moments” app, a private way to share photos

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One of the basic traffic drivers for Facebook are the pictures which get posted on to the platform. But with increasing privacy concerns, people tend to not share some of their pictures. But fret not, Facebook has a solution for even this. Facebook has launched a new photo sharing app called “Moments” which is positioned as an app which lets you privately share your photos with your friends.

Facebok Moments

The new app comes with a facial recognition, helps in sorting your digital imagery and lets you share them as well in a secure manner. How this works is that it goes through your entire album, uses Facebook’s facial recognition software to identify who’s who in your pictures and creates a private album of those pictures. This private album can then be shared privately with the ones featuring in those pictures.

The app also groups pictures according to an event or where they were taken. For instance, it will create an album of all the pictures taken at a birthday party and will give you the ability to share thes with the people who feature in those pictures. The app gives you an auto-backup of all your pictures without sharing it with others. It has two columns labelled “Private” and “Synced”. Only the pictures under the “Synced” label are the ones that are shared.

You can further toggle between which picture is to be shown to some and which is not. Just in case someone shares pictures with you and you aren’t using the Moments app, the pictures go to your inbox with a message asking you to download the “Moments” app. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

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