Facebook About to Change the Smartwatch Game

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In February, we reported that Facebook is expected to come out with a new smartwatch powered by Android. It was unclear whether Facebook was planning to use its own custom skin or go with Google’s Wear OS. Regardless, new information related to the smartwatch has come up, thanks to The Verge.

As per the publication, Facebook’s smartwatch might come with two cameras. You heard it right, ‘TWO’ cameras. Further, the smartwatch might come with a detachable display. Users might be able to run applications such as Facebook and Instagram directly on the smartwatch.

Facebook Smartwatch Will Come With a 1080p Resolution Camera

Facebook’s smartwatch is expected to come with a 1080p resolution front camera so that the user can make the video call directly from the watch itself. The rear camera is expected to come with support for auto-focus and might work the same way cameras work in a smartphone.

For connectivity, the smartwatch may come with LTE support. It is expected to come with support for basic fitness and health features such as a heart-rate monitor and more. Facebook might empower the smartwatch with features that would help it in connecting with the augmented reality (AR) glasses.

Facebook to Compete With Apple Watch

Facebook’s smartwatch so far sounds very cool and the speculated cameras make it even more interesting. With LTE support and everything, Facebook’s smartwatch might be able to beat the Apple Watch. This is just an assumption though. A lot will depend on how good the hardware from the company is, how good the design of the smartwatch is, and how well its software performs.

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches in the entire world. The only way Facebook can make a noise in the market with its smartwatch is to price it lower than the premium Apple and Samsung Watch and give features that none of the other smartwatches come with.

According to The Verge report, Facebook might launch its smartwatch near the $400 mark (approximately Rs 30,000) which seems like a decent price point. It will be in the premium category but still won’t be as expensive as the Apple Watch. There’s no confirmation on when Samsung will come out with the smartwatch.

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