Excell Broadband Offers 2 Months Free Service on Long-Term Plans

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Excell Broadband is an internet service provider (ISP) based out of Hyderabad, India. The company has been providing broadband services since 1998. It only offers four plans, out of which two plans come with the same speed but different fair usage policy (FUP) data limits. The three-speed plans which Excell Broadband offers its users are - 60 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 150 Mbps.

If you are wondering why anyone would be interested in going with Excell Broadband if they can get services of Airtel Xstream Fiber or JioFiber, well, just look at the benefits and the prices of the plans mentioned below.

Excell Broadband Fiber Internet Plans

Excell offers four plans, namely, ‘Smart’, ‘Essential’, ‘Ultimate’, and ‘Preferred’. The first two plans, ‘Smart’ and ‘Essential', offer 60 Mbps speed to the users. The other two plans, ‘Ultimate' and ‘Preferred’, offers 100 Mbps and 150 Mbps speeds, respectively.

The difference between the ‘Smart’ plan and ‘Essential’ plan is the amount of FUP data they offer. The ‘Smart’ plan offers users 400GB of data while the ‘Essential’ plan offers 800GB of data. Once the FUP data is consumed, the internet speed will drop to 1 Mbps with both the plans.

The monthly rental of the ‘Smart’ plan is Rs 499, and the ‘Essential’ plan is Rs 599. Further, the ‘Ultimate’ plan offers users 100 Mbps speeds. This plan comes with 1,500GB of FUP data. Post consumption of FUP data, the internet speed drops to 2 Mbps. The monthly rental of the ‘Ultimate’ plan is Rs 799.

Lastly, the most expensive and the best offering from Excell Broadband, the ‘Preferred’ plan, comes for a monthly rental of Rs 1,199. It offers users 150 Mbps speed with 3,000GB FUP data. This plan also reduces the internet speed to 2 Mbps once the FUP data is consumed.

However, users receive more benefits when they go for the semi-annual (6 months) or annual (12 months) plans of the company. All four plans are available for the long term. Any plan purchased for 6 months will provide users with 1 month of free services and 100GB bonus data. Further, any plan purchased for 12 months will provide users with 2 months of free services and 100GB bonus data. The 100GB bonus data will be added on top of the FUP limit of the plan every month.

Note that none of the prices mentioned above includes GST. Excell Broadband allows users to go through data usage analytics to understand their data consumption pattern. On top of that, users don’t have to pay anything extra to install the connection. Users get a free Wi-Fi router as well. But the company has said that free installation and a free router is subject to availability.

Anyway, if you are thinking of getting a router for the connection on your own, you should consider purchasing a dual-band Wi-Fi router. It will allow you to connect with dual channels - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for more convenient use of the internet.

The company also offers an app that the users can download from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Excell Broadband promises 99% service uptime with round the clock customer service.

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