Everything You Need to Know About Broadband Internet Speed

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Broadband Internet Speed

A broadband internet connection or service consists of a number of elements that we need to keep a check on, including internet speed, latency and bandwidth. Amongst the three elements, internet speed is the most important aspect as internet service is all about the speed you get. In simple words, internet speed is the allocated bandwidth given to you based on your broadband internet plan. Furthermore, bandwidth is the amount of data you can use every second.

Broadband Internet Speed Tests Should Be a Regular Practice

Usually, a broadband internet plan is selected based on the speed we require from our internet connection. In order to make our money’s worth, we need to keep a constant check on the internet speed by using third party platforms. A third party speed test platform is capable of making a list of all the ISPs available in your area. Based on the download speed results searched by multiple subscribers, a speed test platform will also rank the ISPs. Most third-party platforms will measure and report important internet metrics that are upload speed, download speed, ping and latency.

Broadband Internet Metrics Measured with Internet Speed

Upload speed refers to the number of megabits of data you can send to another device over your internet connection. As the name suggests, upload speed is relevant when we upload information or data on the internet. Some use cases where upload speed can be important to ascertain are sending emails, uploading content on social media platforms and video calls. Download speed is measured by the number of megabits you consume per second. Download speed is more commonly advertised by internet service providers. Download speed is relevant for you if you want to download files from the internet, browse social media platforms and websites, and stream movies online on OTT platforms.

When our system or device sends a request to the server requesting a response, that request is known as ping. Ping time refers to the amount of time taken by the request to circle back with a response to the device. Ping is relevant for gamers as they need to understand the amount of time it took for them to hit a host with a request and get a response. A jitter is a variance in the latency experienced while consuming the internet. Latency is the time difference between when a user gives a command to the system and when that command is actioned on the screen. This again is relevant for gamers who prefer latency under 25ms while playing data-intensive games.

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