European Commission Approves EU-US Privacy Framework

European Commission Adopts Adequacy Decision for EU-US Data Privacy Framework, Ensuring Secure Transatlantic Data Transfers.


  • European Commission affirms adequacy of US data protection in the EU-US Data Privacy Framework.
  • Framework introduces binding safeguards and establishes a Data Protection Review Court.
  • US companies commit to privacy obligations, and EU individuals have access to redress mechanisms.

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European Commission Approves EU-US Privacy Framework

The European Commission (EC) on Monday announced a significant move by adopting an adequacy decision for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. This decision affirms that the United States provides an adequate level of protection for personal data transferred from the European Union to US companies under the new framework. As a result, data can flow safely from the EU to US companies participating in the framework without the need for additional data protection measures, according to European Commission's official release.

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Data Protection Review Court

The EU-US Data Privacy Framework introduces binding safeguards to address concerns raised by the European Court of Justice. These safeguards include limitations on access to EU data by US intelligence services, ensuring access is necessary and proportionate. Additionally, the framework establishes a Data Protection Review Court (DPRC), granting EU individuals access to review mechanisms.

Improved Framework Compared to Privacy Shield

EC says the new framework brings significant improvements compared to the previous Privacy Shield mechanism. For instance, if the DPRC determines that data has been collected in violation of safeguards, it has the authority to order the deletion of such data. The safeguards related to government access to data will complement the obligations imposed on US companies importing data from the EU.

Obligations for US Companies and Redress Mechanisms

According to the official release, US companies can participate in the EU-US Data Privacy Framework by committing to comply with a comprehensive set of privacy obligations. These obligations include the requirement to delete personal data when it is no longer necessary and to ensure the continuity of protection when sharing personal data with third parties.

Safeguards Facilitating Transatlantic Data Flows

EU individuals will benefit from various avenues for redress in case their data is mishandled by US companies. This includes independent dispute resolution mechanisms and an arbitration panel, provided free of charge.

Furthermore, the US legal framework incorporates safeguards concerning access to data transferred under the framework by US public authorities, particularly for criminal law enforcement and national security purposes. Access to data is limited to what is necessary and proportionate to safeguard national security.

EU individuals will have access to an independent and impartial redress mechanism, including the newly established Data Protection Review Court (DPRC), which will investigate and resolve complaints independently, with the power to adopt binding remedial measures.

The safeguards implemented by the US will also facilitate transatlantic data flows more broadly as they apply to data transfers utilizing other mechanisms such as standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules.

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Periodic Reviews to Ensure Effective Implementation

The EU-US Data Privacy Framework will be subject to periodic reviews conducted by the European Commission, European data protection authorities, and relevant US authorities. According to the statement, the first review is slated to take place within a year of the adequacy decision's entry into force, ensuring the full implementation and effective functioning of the safeguards.

This decision marks a step towards fostering secure and seamless data transfers between the EU and the United States while upholding data protection standards.

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