Ericsson and Telia Launch First Enterprise 5G Private Network in the Baltics

Ericsson and Telia have joined forces to launch the Baltics' first enterprise 5G private network at Ericsson's Supply Site in Tallinn, Estonia. The two partners have switched on Private 5G network in Tallinn to enable smart factory transformation in the Baltics.


  • Ericsson and Telia launch the Baltics' first enterprise 5G private network, Ericsson Private 5G.
  • The implementation takes place at the Tallinn Supply Site in Estonia, aiming to transform the manufacturing industry.
  • The 5G network enables use cases such as asset monitoring, robotics, and precise indoor positioning.

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Ericsson and Telia Launch First Enterprise 5G Private Network in the Baltics

Ericsson, a global telecommunications company, and Telia, a leading telecommunications provider, have joined forces to revolutionize the manufacturing industry in the Baltics. They introduced the region's first enterprise 5G private network, Ericsson Private 5G, which went live on May 2, 2023, at Ericsson's Supply Site in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Impact at the Supply Site

Ericsson said, "The cutting-edge capabilities of the 5G private network, including reliability, predictable latency, security, and speed, unlock a wide range of use cases. These include asset condition monitoring and management, computer vision, digital twins, collaborative robotics, and 5G precise indoor positioning, among others."

Significance for Tallinn Supply Site and Export Market

According to the statement, The collaboration between Ericsson and Telia is expected to have a significant impact on the Tallinn Supply Site and Estonia's export market, both locally and globally. The Tallinn Supply Site plays a crucial role in Ericsson's global supply chain, accounting for nearly half of the company's New Product Introductions (NPIs).

Reduction of Wire Dependency and Enhanced Agility

The introduction of Ericsson Private 5G enables a reduction in wire dependency, enhancing the agility of production layout and design while enabling mobility for impactful solutions like automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

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Features and Benefits of Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson Private 5G is a private network solution that provides secure and reliable 4G and 5G connectivity through a single server dual mode core. Designed for business operations, the solution comes pre-integrated for rapid deployment and enables advanced and intelligent operations in any environment. It serves as a platform for innovation and Industry 4.0, allowing facilities to modernize their ways of working.

The network's impact at the supply site includes automation, safety, and agility, enabling device monitoring and management, improved coverage, and seamless connectivity with wireless sensors on the shop floor.

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Ericsson's Presence in Tallinn

Ericsson's presence in Tallinn dates back to 2009, when it started manufacturing operations in the region. Today, the Supply Site in Tallinn employs smart manufacturing practices, utilizing 5G technology to develop and produce cutting-edge 5G products and solutions for global distribution.

The site plays a crucial role in industrializing the Ericsson Radio Systems portfolio, delivering the latest products to customers worldwide.

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