Elisa to Phase Out 3G Network for 4G, 5G in Northern Savonia, Northern Karelia

Elisa plans to phase out its 3G network in Eastern Finland, starting in mid-September in Northern Savonia and Northern Karelia at the beginning of October. The company will also bolster its 5G network in these regions.


  • Elisa to retire 3G network in Northern Savonia and Northern Karelia.
  • Most users have already transitioned to 4G and 5G.
  • 2G network will remain unaffected.

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elisa expands 5g network across eastern finland
Finnish operator Elisa has announced its plans to phase out the 3G network, with the process commencing in mid-September in Northern Savonia and Northern Karelia at the beginning of October. However, Elisa has emphasised that the 2G network will remain unaffected, ensuring continuous service for its users.

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Strengthening 4G, 5G Connectivity

Elisa also said it will strengthen its 5G network in Northern Savonia, including Rautavaara and Tervoo, as well as Heinavede in Northern Karelia. The telco reported that the majority of mobile users have already migrated to 4G and 5G networks, and this shift is anticipated to be seamless.

Seamless Transition

As per Elisa, residents of Eastern Finland who have embraced 4G/5G networks have experienced improved data and call quality, no longer encountering the limitations of the 3G network.

As per the statement, Elisa has strengthened the 4G network in areas previously served by 3G and is also expanding its 5G network coverage. This ensures that customers dependent on 2G and devices supporting 3G will experience a seamless transition to the still-operational 2G network.

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Decline of 3G Data Traffic

Elisa has reported that data traffic on the 3G network has significantly declined, now constituting only a fraction of the total mobile network traffic. The transition from 3G to 4G and 5G not only enhances performance but also optimizes resources. With the retirement of 3G, Elisa said it can redirect energy and frequencies to further enhance the 4G and 5G networks.

This expansion and upgrade in network infrastructure will contribute to a more reliable mobile experience for Elisa users across Eastern Finland.

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