Which DTH Operator is the Better Option for Consumers Right Now?

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After the new Trai mandate came into effect, customers are confused about which operator they should choose. Every DTH operator has its strengths and disadvantages because some operators are providing long-term channel packs while some of them are not. Also, the Multi TV policy of every operator differs; For example, Dish TV and D2h are charging just Rs 50 as NCF charges for the secondary connection, while Airtel Digital TV is charging Rs 80. Tata Sky, on the other hand, has altogether scrapped the Multi-TV policy charging Rs 153 as NCF charges. The question is which DTH operator you should choose now? Read on to know more.


Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV is another provider which can be put in the league of Tata Sky. The DTH wing of Airtel has introduced some of the most liked functionalities for its subscribers like channel selection process through set-top box instead of a website or mobile application. Along with this, the operator is now also shipping a large number of semi-annual and annual packs with 10% cashback offer. Similar to Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV has also reduced prices of its STBs by Rs 200 for the SD and HD variant. Airtel Digital TV also has an attractive multi-TV policy with an NCF of Rs 80. A while back, Airtel Digital TV was also in the headlines for keeping the Trai norms on the sidelines, but there seems to be no trouble now with Airtel Digital TV and, likely, some customers might actually put Airtel Digital TV as their first choice now.

Tata Sky

Now, Tata Sky has been the popular name in the market for the last few years. After the introduction of the new tariff regime, the DTH provider introduced many different types of packs like lite-packs, mini-packs and more, which offered a wide array of choice to the subscribers. Along with this, the DTH provider also introduced a very smooth migration process and was vigilant about providing excellent service to the consumers. However, Tata Sky has run into some trouble lately, and that has to do with multi-TV. So, in case you wish to get a subscription for one or more TVs in your house, then you might want to rethink your choice. If that is not the case, then you might be better off with a Tata Sky connection. The operator has also recently slashed prices of its STBs by Rs 400 for both the SD and HD variant, so that is another plus point for new subscribers of Tata Sky.


D2h has been the provider with the flashiest offerings in the market after the new Trai tariff regime. The company can be credited for providing the most attractive long-term offer along with a very economical multi-TV pricing policy of flat Rs 50 NCF. Owing to this, D2h has seen a lot of good reviews and attention from the subscribers. However, consumers should also keep in mind that Trai scrutinised the DTH operator for non-compliance with the new Trai tariff regime, but that problem seems to be resolved now. Similar is the case with Dish TV, which actually owns D2h.

Sun Direct

Sun TV is a DTH provider which is majorly consolidated to the Southern part of the country. Since the introduction of the new tariff regime, the DTH provider has introduced a lot of long-term plans and DPO packs in many genres and languages. During the early days of the Trai regime, Sun Direct was also offering a discount on the NCF, which allowed it to lure the users. However, apart from that, there has been no significant new offering from Sun TV to make it stand out from the rest.


After the removal of the multi-TV policy for Tata Sky subscribers, they will be required to pay individually for all channels, thus increasing their monthly bills. However, if you are a customer with a single TV connection, then a Tata Sky connection would make sense given the services and the quality which the operator provides. But in case you would like to save some more bucks and opt for a long-term plan then you can go for Airtel Digital TV connection as you will enjoy reduced STB prices, cashback offer and a large array of packs to choose from. Lastly, if running multiple TV screens is your choice, then a D2h connection would make a lot of sense.

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